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We are a unique, integrated group of over 150 specialists who work with Executive leadership, Medical teams, and other functions across the biotech and pharma industry to accelerate the approval, access, and adoption of medicines.

Helping you thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

The healthcare environment is changing at an unprecedented rate. Scientific, therapeutic, and technological advances are transforming health and life sciences, leading to innovations accelerating personalized care and improving patient access and outcomes. However, there are many challenges that companies face on the journey from the discovery of a new candidate to its being able to impact patient care, including:

  • Rising cost pressures on healthcare systems, increasing barriers to entry
  • Challenges in reaching and engaging audiences through traditional strategies
  • Growth in the volume of data outpacing the ability to gain value from it
  • Increased competition for funding

Achieving the critical outcomes of approval, access, and adoption in this changing environment requires increasingly diverse capabilities and deep expertise that extend beyond the traditional Medical Affairs role. MEDiSTRAVA is a strategic partner to biotech and pharma companies, uniquely placed to help you navigate and stay ahead in this changing environment to advance the standard of care.

Why us?

We combine specialized, industry-leading teams in strategy, medical excellence, evidence generation, market access, patient engagement, clinical trial optimization, medical analytics, and corporate and investor communications to provide scalable and targeted solutions.

Building on decades of experience, we combine a strategic consultancy approach with tactical implementation and measurement of impact to provide you with holistic specialist support. We don’t believe in ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions; our approach and recommendations are tailored to all aspects of your unique situation and requirements.

We recognize the importance of cross-functional consensus within organizations, building customized and streamlined solutions that look beyond traditional functional silos. Our integrated approach creates an environment that nurtures alignment, propels internal and external excellence, and accelerates the approval, access, and adoption of ground breaking medicines.

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