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Step into the AI revolution.

Welcome to a new dawn in medical affairs. At MEDiSTRAVA, we’re unlocking the potential of AI to bring you extraordinary new methods of analysis, insight, discovery, content generation, and engagement.

The AI partner of choice.

Opinions on AI are everywhere – some of them enlightening, some of them confusing, and some just plain wrong. For us here at MEDiSTRAVA, AI is incredibly exciting and completely transformative – a critical tool that’s set to change the future of medical affairs.

We know this because AI is nothing new to us. We’ve been exploring its potential since 2016, strategically building a wealth of understanding, creating rigorous governance frameworks, and developing new applications that have measurable value for our clients.

Today, we’re far and away the industry leaders in this field, with an unparalleled level of experience, expertise, and resources.

Explore a world of possibilities.

AI has the potential to transform the medical affairs space. For example, it can analyse vast amounts of data to support you in quickly surfacing fresh insights, predict market trends, and make smarter decisions. It can also support medical writers, creative and digital specialists and client service professionals to generate high-quality scientific content, such as patient engagement and medical education materials, ensuring greater accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

AI’s potential is growing all the time and we can assist you in exploring the right solutions.

Our AI and Augmented Intelligence team can support you with:

  • Medical insights
  • Enhanced literature analysis
  • Scientific lexicon creation
  • Plain language summary generation
  • Social insights and sentiment analysis
  • Enhanced unmet need synthesis
  • Intelligent literature monitoring

We can also support your own organizational AI / digital innovation transformation through expert consultancy, roadmapping, and implementation.

Augmentation, not replacement.

A key aspect of what we do is augmentation – using advanced technology to support human input and decision-making, not replace it. We believe that it’s this combination of AI and the human together that is exponentially more powerful than either one alone, elevating the possibilities in medical affairs, and improving both business and patient outcomes.

Our security, data privacy, and governance promise.

We understand the many ethical and data-privacy concerns when it comes to AI. That’s why, alongside our technological developments, we’ve put in place dedicated teams, standards, and frameworks to ensure safe, secure, and responsible use of data and AI.

Take the next step.

Whatever medical affairs challenges you face, whatever your understanding of AI, our Artificial and Augmented Intelligence team is happy to discuss the possibilities and how our services can deliver transformative value to your business and ultimately the patients that you serve.

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