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Meet the MEDiSTRAVA team.

Sarah Waterson, PhD

Evidence Strategy & Value Lead

What we do.

In rapidly evolving healthcare environments, we help you create the foundations for product approval, access and adoption, and corporate success.      

Our unique integrated offering combines specialized teams in medical strategy and excellence, evidence generation, clinical trials optimization, market access, patient engagement, medical analytics, and corporate and investor communications to provide scalable and targeted solutions and help you maximize your long-term success.

  • Medical strategy and excellence

    We design and deliver customized approaches to accelerate the achievement of your goals and drive transformation within Medical Affairs. Our strategic mindset, analytical skills, therapeutic area knowledge, and understanding of best practices ensure that we create solutions that are meaningful, achievable, and measurable.

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  • Patient engagement

    Our dedicated team of patient engagement specialists support you in delivering patient-centric strategy, insights, and education across the drug development lifecycle. Our insights-driven approach ensures the patient voice is incorporated into decision-making and solutions creation, meeting your objectives, and improving outcomes and experience.

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  • Clinical trials optimization

    With expertise in complex scenarios, our clinical trials optimization team provides end-to-end support from design through recruitment to real-world implementation. Our team offers specialist consultancy in all aspects of clinical trials, with a focus on enhancing recruitment, quality and risk management, DE&I, and portfolio development and strategy.

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  • Medical analytics and innovation

    We help address your most critical challenges through the synergistic combination of medical strategy services, advanced analytics, and digital innovation. We cut through data, opinions, and noise to cultivate actionable insights, bringing together our core areas of expertise to uncover true value at every step.

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  • Value and evidence

    We offer consulting and technical execution services through our specialist team. We support Medical and Access professionals along the entire commercialization pathway for all forms of novel medical intervention valuable to patients and healthcare systems - including drugs, vaccines, devices, diagnostics, and technologies.

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  • Corporate and investor communications

    Our team works with life sciences companies at all stages of development, as well as specialist VCs, to provide thoughtful planning and execution of communication strategies that shape and amplify corporate, scientific, and medical narratives, with a focus on media, investor, and corporate stakeholders globally.

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