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Patient engagement strategic consultancy

The challenges we address.

The past decade has seen a seismic shift in patient engagement in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The needle has moved from a place of trepidation and risk to a landscape where systematic inclusion of the patient’s voice is now a priority. Regulators now require the involvement of patients at all stages of the drug development lifecycle. It is not only a matter of ethics or regulations; insights-driven business decisions are now fundamental in healthcare.

However, we know it can be challenging to implement a robust patient-centric approach within pharmaceutical or biotech organizations. To do so effectively, teams across all functions must understand how to strategically bring the patient’s voice into the activities they do.

What we do.

As a trusted advisor, we offer bespoke strategic consultancy to support you in developing and implementing patient engagement strategies, companywide or disease-specific. Our heritage as true subject matter experts across the evolving patient engagement landscape enables us to help you close the gap between patient engagement theory and practice.

We recognize the importance and value of patient advocacy groups and patient experts and understand the need to create mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. That’s why we support you every step of the way to meaningfully incorporate the patient voice within your existing processes.

Example consultancy areas:

  • Patient engagement strategy development
  • Internal training around patient engagement best practice
  • Internal alignment of patient engagement workstreams
  • Patient organization engagement- outreach, mapping, and opportunities
  • Patient insights-gathering strategy
  • Patient education and support strategy

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