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Patient education and activation.

The challenges we address.

The inclusion of patients in their own healthcare has been described as the ‘blockbuster drug of the century.’1 However, they need access to easy-to-understand, relevant, and engaging information and support to do this. Providing access to effective patient education and support builds trust with patient communities, enables informed decision-making, improves treatment adherence and self-management, and improves patient satisfaction and outcomes.

1Dentzer S. Rx for the ‘blockbuster drug’ of patient engagement. Health Aff (Millwood). 2013 Feb;32(2):202

What we do.

We support you in creating effective patient education and support resources. We look at everything through a health literacy and inclusivity lens and are experienced in developing education and support materials that are accessible, easy to understand, relevant, and engaging for each target audience.

We do this by bringing expertise in:

  • Health literacy and plain language writing best practice
  • Validated behavioral science methodology and patient activation*
  • Engaging creative and digital and design
  • Written materials alongside alternative formats such as animation, video, infographics, and Apps
  • Scientific and therapy area expertise to underpin robust patient-facing materials
  • Omnichannel dissemination strategy

*Patient activation describes the knowledge, skill, confidence, and motivation a person has to manage their own health and healthcare

Our deliverables include:

  • Bespoke clinical trial recruitment and retention materials
  • Disease awareness, treatment education, and support resources
  • Plain language summaries (PLS) of publications
  • Layperson summaries (LPS) of clinical trial results (EU regulation)
  • Patient organization training programs

Through clear, informative, and engaging content, patients are better informed about topics that matter to them and have the skills, confidence, and motivation to be involved in their health-related decision-making.

MEDiSTRAVA Lay Person Panel.

We make sure that the patient-facing resources we create are fit for purpose and meet the needs of a non-expert audience through the MEDiSTRAVA Lay Person Panel—a collection of lay people who can review and test our patient and caregiver communications.

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