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Alex Morton

Senior Vice President,
Patient Engagement

Alex brings over a decade of patient engagement and advocacy experience to his co‑leadership of this team. As well as his extensive background in healthcare communications and consultancy, Alex has worked for 2 leading patient organizations in the UK and brings this experience to his role within MEDiSTRAVA.

Alex has worked with global and regional pharmaceutical and biotech teams across a broad range of therapy areas and patient engagement deliverables. His focus is on providing patient engagement leadership and advising on patient-centric best practices at all stages of the drug development process. He is passionate about ensuring that all healthcare solutions have a purpose grounded in the reality of the patient and caregiver experience and that they achieve a measurable impact on society.

“Patient engagement has evolved from merely a ‘nice to have’ to something that must be fundamental to drug development. I want to help the pharmaceutical industry to do more to ensure the patient voice is at the forefront of every stage in the process and that underserved communities are prioritized in healthcare across the globe.”